This set was produced using the same laminate technique as my first; the main difference is that this set used a much denser wood (cherry) and a sturdier mounting block (birch). Again, the typeface is based on Erik Spiekermann's Meta Black.

The characters are transferred to a polished piece of edge-grain cherry, then cut out using a simple coping saw as shown below:

The characters are chiselled into their final form, mounted on an oak base, then sealed with an oil based varathane as shown below:

The final set (shown below) contains 28 lower case, 27 upper case, 10 numerals and 15 analphabetic characters. Two of these sets were made; one for myself and one for Erik Spiekermann. There have been two publications on this work: Parenthesis, the Journal of the Fine Press Book Association (Number 11, Autumn 2005) and Letterspace, the newsletter of the Type Directors Club (2006, Summer).

Paul Razell at Inferno Press was brave enough to volunteer his Colts Armory Press for the inaugural print run; the session went well, but a few important lessons where learned on how I could improve future sets.

A full sample sheet showing all the characters was subsequently printed as well.


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